Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wednesday Writing Prompt #01

Writing prompts are really helpful for opening your creative mind when you first sit down at your desk. They don't have to relate to what you're writing, they don't have to be seen by anybody once you're done, they're just an exercise for your brain to get into a creative writing space, to prepare you for what you really want to write ahead. And, sometimes, you may even find that what you write for a throwaway prompt reveals a great idea that you can probe into deeper for your own 'proper' writing, sometimes the ideas I get from my writing prompt works are ideas I want to carry over to the future.

All in all they're a great exercise for new and experienced writers a like.

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This week's writing prompt is a photo, I was walking a dog earlier today, it had been snowing this morning so the air was cold and crisp, making my eyes water. As it started to rain ever so slightly it reminded me of sea air:

This is a photo I took while on holiday in Mexico - I think it could make for an interesting story. Perhaps someone watching the sea waiting for someone to return over the horizon? Or is it someone thinking to jump into the waves, either from fear or excitement? I think it is a photo open to many back story possibilities. 

What ideas does this photo give you? Did you find it useful as a writing prompt? Do you use writing prompts often? Let me know in the comments below!

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