Saturday, 8 July 2017

Mexico - Occidental at Xcaret - 2017

We've just got back from the most incredible week away in Mexico.

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that I went to Mexico back in 2015, we loved it so much we went back - to the same hotel and everything!

I know a lot of people will raise their eyebrows on this, perhaps tut, but it was for a special occasion. Ben turns 30 in July, and though he refuses to accept it, I think this is a big birthday. I was stuck for what to get him, something special. At the same time we were thinking about where we should go away this year, we wanted to do something big before we knuckle down and save up for a house - and then it hit me - Mexico! I have been the one telling Ben that we have to travel and we can't keep going back to the same place no matter how much we love it, at least not for a few years but I knew it would be something he would love, and it would also be the holiday we both desperately needed.

We opted to go for a week - and honestly this was mostly because I couldn't afford two weeks. I would have loved to have been able to take him for his actual birthday, but the specific week we went was a few hundred pounds cheaper than any other time so I snapped it up.

We flew with Virgin Airlines again, the same as before, and really I think they are possibly the best airline to fly with on long haul flights. Free drinks and food plus really great in flight films and TV makes the long 10 hour haul feel less crappy. Obviously unless you can afford upper class it is always going to be somewhat crappy. If you're tall like me your legs will just never fit comfortably into the seats, and you always have some wanker in front of you choosing to lean the whole way back for the entire flight meaning using your tray table is practically impossible. Plus sitting next to a stranger for that long is always awkward, you're both trying your very hardest to keep your elbows attached to your ribs... but it is all part in parcel of travelling, and with a good selection of movies to watch on the way I was quite happy. We did have a little trouble on the flight with some cunts smoking in the bathrooms, and then when we were told about it over the tannoy and told that if anyone was caught smoking again they would land us at the nearest airport they still decided they desperately needed a cigarette... luckily someone grassed them up after that - it turned out to be a group of smashed boys which meant they cut off alcohol for everyone on the flight for the rest of the journey, but at least they didn't land us before we got to Mexico.

As I said before we stayed at the same hotel as before - Occidental at Xcaret hotel. We did this because 1. we knew it was an amazing hotel from before and 2. they have an eco park next door that we were able to get unlimited access to with our booking. 

The hotel is incredible. Its all inclusive (which I always need when I am away!) and set in what feels like the middle of the jungle. It is a really big resort, they have little bus stops inside of the hotel to take you from your room to the beach or restaurants if you don't fancy the walk, but I really enjoyed being able to explore around it. They have animals roaming around, including monkeys swinging through the trees, deer and oh so many iguanas, as well a few ruins which are interesting to look at. 

I'm not sure if it is just because it was quite quiet when we went, or if it is usual practice but you don't have to book in for restaurants, it's first come first serve and if they're full when you arrive they will give you a little buzzer to let you know when a table is free, meaning you can go get a drink or wander off and not have to worry about keeping check on the restaurant. As we were only there for a week we only ate buffet for dinner once, choosing the restaurants at the other times. The fish restaurant is probably my favourite, we paid a little extra and got lobster which came with the most amazing buttery prawns and a fat peice of fillet steak. It was the best meal of the whole trip. We also ate at the steak restaurant twice as they cooked the steak amazingly (rare as fuck). If you're like us and get hungry once you've had a few too many drinks they've got you sorted with Paco's Tacos a small taco/pizza place that is open until 2 am. The waiter there is great and loves it if you attempt to order in spanish (perhaps more so if you're useless at it)

Most of our time was spent in the pool, or at the pool bar if I am being more specific. We're not sunbathers as you can probably tell by our skin tone, and with the heat relaxing in the pool with a cocktail is my favourite past time - something I need to be doing in this sticky English heat right now instead of desperately trying to cool myself down in front of an ancient fan. 

And when we weren't in the pool we were next door at the eco park. Knowing how large it was from before we decided to spend a few hours here a day rather than one long day. I am just not fit enough to for all the waking, and there is so much to see. There are animals dotted around the park, an aquarium and rivers you can swim in that take you around the whole park. As well as this they have a small mexican village, a cemetery and ruins to explore. For extra cost you can swim with sharks, dolphins, stingrays do a sea trek and more. We decided to swim with the sharks and do a sea trek, both of which were probably the highlights of the trip and I would definitely recommend.

Overall it was an amazing holiday, relaxing, but not at all boring and something to remember as we won't be going away properly now until we own a house. 

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