Friday, 21 July 2017

Book Review - Infinity - Tabitha Lord

Please note I was sent a copy of this book to review - as always this will not affect my thoughts.

Infinity is the second book, following Horizon a feminist, dystopian rendition of the French resistance. I quickly read through Horizon before reading this - something you don't need to do but I would recommend as I always like to know as much about the characters as I can.

This books jumps straight in; Derek and Caeli return to her warn torn home, where people like her, people with powers, are being killed off, children are even being sold into slavery all in a bid for the dictator Marcus to build an arsenal of alien weaponry. Caeli returns on the search for the resistance to help with the rise up of Marcus's cruel dictatorship.

I am glad I read the first book because there are a lot of characters, and with this being the second book there isn't too much description to tell you about them - without having read the first I think I would have struggled to keep up with all of the information thrown in.

Tabitha Lord is really great at world building, something I think can be really tricky with Sci-Fi genres. She explained everything about the alien world and tech in a way that it seemed completely believable which I really think is key when writing something like this.

The plot is action packed. Its a intense adventure of standing up for what is right, fighting back and regaining hope. And this is really well written, it felt somewhat movie like.

I'm not one who often cares about relationships between characters in books, romance just being a filler for me - but you can see how Derek and Caeli's relationship works well and what conflicts they will face in the future.

Overall I enjoyed the book, there was a lot of information going on so it did take me longer to read than usual, but the pace picks up and then you're really involved in the action 4/5

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