Friday, 17 March 2017

Book Review - The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel

'Roanoke girls never last long around here. In the end, we either run or we die.'

I was sent this ebook for free through blogging for books - however this will not influence my review in any way!

I had never heard about Roanoke until the latest season of American Horror Story. Finding out about this creepy place where a whole colony just disappeared with the added hauntings through the tv show got me hooked. Though this book doesn't look into the history of Roanoake, you get the same creepy, disturbing story that if you enjoy AHS you will love here.

I have read a few reviews about this book where people feel bad or wrong for enjoying it - because of the themes (such as incest) it touches on. I really enjoyed this book, so I don't know if I should also feel guilty? But I don't, its just a story, and sure its creepy and wrong but I'm not hurting anyone by reading it!

The story follows Lane Roanoke, both in the past and the present. Her mother kills herself while Lane is young, and she is sent off to live with her Grandparents and cousin, where she discovers that having a loving family is not all it is cracked up to be. In the present, Lane goes back to Roanoke to look into the disappearance of her cousin. As all of the Roanoke girls have upped and left at one point or another, Lane is sure something is amiss in regards to her cousin's disappearance, and is defiant in finding out what that is. 

The revelation of incest comes out slowly in this book, even though I think it is obvious what is happening throughout? And I would have liked Lane to stick around longer just to see how far her Grandfather would push her - in ways I think she got off easy. I want to see the darkest, twisted parts of the story, not just have mentions of them. Though if a lot of people found this offending, I don't think they would have been able to cope with anything darker.

I read this book cover to cover in one night, I was hooked on the story and wanted to know where it went. I loved that it had the mystery woven into the story and really recommend. 4/5


  1. This book wasn't on my radar at all before your review, but as a new(ish) AHS fan I'm sold! The Roanoke colony story sounds chilling, and I'm sure this take on the story is too. And I agree: why should you feel bad for enjoying a book that's really well done? It's not like the book is encouraging/advocating for incest, it's just part of the story!

    1. Ah I'm so glad I could introduce you to it, and meet another AHS fan! Let me know what you think when you read it. Happy you agree about enjoying it though, I read reviews where so many people get offended that I think I must be heartless!


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