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Book Review - King's Cage - Victoria Aveyard

“I've been broken too many times to break again.”

This is the third book in the Red Queen series - you can find my review of the second book here

There are so many things I dislike about this series, yet I find myself needing to read the next one to see what happens. So in a way I hoped this would be the last in the series, partly because I like trilogies and partly because I don't want to have to keep buying into the story. Sadly it isn't, so it won't be too long until I am here reviewing the next one because I am a sucker for a cliffhanger.

Overall I think this book is better than the last, and part of that is because I liked that we got more points of view this time other than Mare and her eternal torment. If I could just cut out all the parts of her and Maven and they're bullshit love story I would be happy.

The book starts with Mare having been taken hostage by Maven, her powers are taken from her by Arvens and she is locked in a small room with nothing to do. Outside of the city walls the Scarlet Guard are continuing their fight for the Reds and Newbloods, and through the book we meet new characters and new alliances. 

We finally get a proper fight scene in this book. I was really ready for it at the end of the last book, but it was taken from me at the last moment. I'm not completely dismissing the fight in the prison in the second book, but I've been so ready for a proper Silver vs Red/Newblood war.

I think my biggest problem with the series is the love story arc that carries on throughout. I cannot for the life of me understand why so many people 'ship' Mare and Maven, I even have issue with Mare and Cal... I just don't think the romances work, but because they're so loved by so many people it is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the story. I care about the war, about the reds and their struggle, about the new bloods and their confusion and powers. I do not care about Mare's conflicted feelings for Maven who is quite clearly a bastard who doesn't deserve any love. Just because he was 'made' by his mother doesn't stop him from still being a cunt now. Any pity for him is quickly lost and her tortured feelings about him every time he flutters his eyes is just... its the worst. 

Of course the book ended on another cliffhanger, because Aveyard is just a pro at book endings, and therefore I will have to read the next one. 

I think Cameron is a great addition to the book, she is similar to Mare in a lot of ways, but I really enjoy reading her and even Evangeline's chapters. I think they add so much more to the series. 

Overall I would give this book a 3/5. I just hate the love story. I'm sorry, but other than that I didn't get as annoyed reading this as I did before! 

Have you read any of the Red Queen series, what do you think? Are you a Maven/Mare shipper? Let me know why in the comments below. 


  1. I prefer Cal over Maven a thousand times but honestly... I enjoyed this book more than Glass Sword because those scenes with Maven were my guilty pleasure! I don't believe that 'healing' him will work out, as he's done pretty awful things, but I can't also stop myself for feeling sorry for him too! I thought too that this was the last book!!! Hahahah!! I guess we have to bear Mare's irritated character once more!!!

  2. So many think like you though I think it must be me that is getting it wrong haha, I just can't deal with her moping! I agree its getting better though, and I'm still going the have to read the next one 'cause as much as I complain I'm hooked!

  3. This sounds sort of like a milder version of a hate read, hahaha! I haven't read anything by Victoria Aveyard yet, but my "why do I read your books/I'm addicted to your books" author is Jennifer L. Armentrout. She also writes YA fantasy that's not original or all that great yet there's something addictive about her writing. Plus the cliffhangers! Gah!

    1. Yes you're totally right! I don't know what it is, I get annoyed at myself for reading them but I just HAVE to! I guess they're doing something right if we're hooked though!


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