Friday, 27 January 2017

Book Review - Nod - Adrian Barnes

'Life's a scab, and it's our nature to pick at it until it bleeds.'.

Nod is a unique, dystopian novel (albeit a short novel), that follows Paul in a world where the majority no longer sleep.

I was intrigued by the idea of this book as soon as I saw it. It isn't something I've seen before and I really wanted to see how it panned out; the slow, sleepy descent into madness.

It isn't a long book at all, the chapters are set into days, the countdown till insomnia could kill; but a lot sure happens in those days. The crazy just seems to pour out of these people so quickly. Its hard to imagine actually happening, but the again I can barely stay away for 12 hours without getting grumpy, let alone 16 days.

You never get a reason why with this book, but that didn't bother me, Paul is a normal person, he wouldn't know why it is happening, so why should the reader? I would have liked to see more of the silent children, even some guesses at why they are like that, but that is only small. I also think that, surely, the sleepers should have been... I don't know, better? I know they're up against a lot of people, but these are people that haven't slept in forever, they aren't smart, the sleepers still have their brains, they should have been able to outsmart some kind of escape?

What you do get is a lot of crazy, and a lot of characters that you hate. More characters that you hate than that you love. I mean I really hated Charles. So much so that I got annoyed every time he popped into a scene. I mean, I think you're meant to, but he is in it quite a lot, so that is a lot of angry reading. I didn't feel bad for him, I didn't care about his situation, I just wish that Paul ripped his head off of something.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I liked seeing the crazy, and the group mentality of the crazy. I do wish it was longer, but then I don't know where it would have really gone. 4/5


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