Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Book Review - The Cove - Ron Rash

'Superstitions are just coincidence, or ignorance.'

The Cove was one of the books I bought on my kindle just because it was there, I had no idea what it was about other than some outcasts, shunned by the rest of their town. The cover looked creepy (I know, judge me for judging the cover) and I thought... I need holiday books - why not!

Laurel and Hank Shelton live in The Cove a small, isolated harbour off of a small, isolated town in North Carolina. Laurel is shunned to live off the land in the cove, rarely leaving its dark loneliness due to a wine stained birth mark on her shoulder, promoting the rest of the town community to see her as a witch, they both fear and despise her.

Her brother Hank lost his hand in the war, but gained enough respect from the town to gain himself a prospective wife. Finding out that Hank plans to leave her alone in the cove for his new wife, Laurel falls into a depression about her future. Till one day, a mute flute player comes into their care. Laurel falls in love with not just his music, but him, and even Hank starts to see him as someone who could stay with his sister forever.

Its a slow, sad novel. If you're looking for a perky read, this definitely isn't it. I probably wouldn't recommend it as a holiday read... to me holiday books are chick flick, Hollywood glam, easy read types. The type of books you're a little embarrassed to publicize that you're reading. Though this does have romance within it, The Cove isn't a romance novel. Though Laurel clings to the idea of a deep loving future, her loneliness and sadness overrides this. 

The contrast between the characters in The Cove, and those from the town makes you sympathize with Laurel more - they're dicks basically.  And this comes to a head at the climax of the book, when some town members finally brave entering the harbour.

The ending was both good and unexpected. It got the much needed pace quickening and suspense that I wanted throughout the book. I found that even though I didn't think I had, I had gotten really into the story, and really invested in the characters - it was subtle, but it happened.

Overall I would give this book a 3 out of 5. It was a little slow overall for me, but the ending really made up for it. 

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