Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Looking Back To Mexico

With our holiday to Cape Verde only a month away, I found myself looking through pictures from my last holiday, nearly two years ago now, to Mexico, and I wanted to share some of my favourite memories of that trip with you.

The Hotel we stayed in - Occidental Grand Xcaret - was amazing. Though it was my first holiday without my parents, I can say that from all the places I have visited in my fortunate childhood, this was my favourite. I think it was even featured on the X Factor at some point... if that makes you think better of it I don't know. 

Its a standalone resort pretty much in the middle of the jungle, which they bring inside of the hotel, so you feel like you are wandering nature when you're walking from your room to the buffet. We spotted deer, flamingos, parrots, iguanas and more just wandering around the base. 

And if that isn't good enough, we had free unlimited access to the nature park next door, here they had dolphins, sharks and many more marine creatures, plus jaguars and monkeys. This was the only area that had access to wifi, so we visit a lot when we wanted to catch up with family and friends, plus with activities such as swimming with sharks/dolphins and cave swimming we had a lot to do just next door to our hotel. 

The resort had a huge amount of pools to choose from, the above being our favourite due to the in pool bar which we sat at for most of our days. 

We also decided to go on an excursion, which included not only jumping into sinkholes but a visit to Chichen Itza a huge Mayan ruin. The whole tour was great and we learnt a lot about ancient Mayan activities - I would recommend to anyone who visits Mexico.

This year we're taking a gopro with us. It was a little frustrating to have so many water activities in Mexico that we were unable to capture memories with due to cameras. Plus as Ben has volunteered to wear the camera, we can easily turn it on and explore the island without having to put our face behind a lens. Hopefully I should have some great photos and videos to show you soon!


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