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Book Review - Harry Potter And The Cursed Child - J.K Rowling

“It's tough to live with people stuck in the past”

Perhaps I should call this a script review instead of a book review, but the story throughout is still strong, and I felt it would be silly of me not to tell you my thoughts on this. 

As I probably won't be able to see the play for a long longgggg time, seeing this book in my local bookstore I grabbed it without even a second thought. I am a Potterhead no doubt - though I lean more towards the books than the films - so of course I had to have this within my possession. I read this within a day, easily, which I think most people will as, being a script, it is mostly dialogue and doesn't go into depth like a novel would. I am so happy to be back reading about Hogwarts, it has been far too long.

Harry Potter and the Curse Child follows not Harry, but his son Albus and his friend Scorpius Malfoy. Albus and Harry don't get a long, Albus despises his father's fame and the implications that has on him at school, Harry just doesn't know how to reach out to his son and grow a bond between them. With growing differences of opinion, and Albus' longing to be someone other than his father's son, Albus and Scorpius take the past into their own hands, and the events that follows play out in the script.

Firstly, this isn't a children's novel, which you can argue the original Harry Potter's were, it would be silly to be written in the same way when the majority of the fans of the books have grown up alongside Harry and his friends. Instead this is a story about friendship and character, and I really enjoyed it. Some of the descriptions of spells within the script really make me want to see the play just to see how they will pull them off, I don't think knowing the story beforehand would ruin it in anyway - it didn't for the films!

My one complaint, which is a small complaint, is that I didn't like how Ron was written... he just didn't seem like the Ron I grew up loving, instead he seemed to have been dumbed down into comic relief. However, as the majority of the story follows the children of the trio it isn't big enough to ruin the story for me.

The story is pretty obvious, there aren't any major twists or surprises, but the events are great all the same.  

I would definitely recommend this script to anyone who loves the originals, I know it has been getting bad reviews from some fans from how it differs, but you have to remember that the characters have grown up like we have, and to see and feel the magic you need more than dialogue and to, perhaps, be sitting in the audience of the play. It isn't a novel, so don't expect it to be. I rate this 4.5/5 - my highest rating yet? I adored it, and the feeling of Nostalgia for the past me reading the books.

Have any of you read the script? Perhaps you've already seen the play? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below. 


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