Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Book Review - Finders Keepers - Stephen King

“Shit don't mean shit” 

Though I haven't read many of his books, I am a big fan of Stephen King. His On Writing really inspired me, and I really think anyone who wants to write, no matter what it is you write, should read it. Finders Keepers is the first crime thriller I have read by him, and as you know a crime thriller, thought more a crime mystery, is one of my favourite genres.

Finders Keepers starts with the murder of  John Rothstein, author of three best selling novels on Jimmy Gold. Being labelled a sell out due to his last book of the trilogy, John Rothstein confined himself to a solitary life, secretly writing pages and pages of new material in journals kept in a safe along with thousands of dollars of cash. 

The story then follows both the murderer, a man obsessed with Rothstein with a drinking problem, and Pete Saubers, a young boy who's family are on the verge of a split, who then finds a mysterious trunk of money and journals years later. 

Its not a crime mystery, from the outset you know what is going to happen, but its Stephen King, you know its going to be a good story no matter what. 

What I like most about Stephen King's writing, is how he writes characters. You're in their heads all the time, and that has a way of making you root for them, even if they are a murderer. You find yourself thinking 'yeah get that arsehole' even when it is the person themselves who deserve comeuppance. 

The story itself is so-so, though I wouldn't compare it to Misery like a lot of people are prone to do - including me from reading the blurb. Yes it is about an individual obsessed with an author, but this is a crime thriller that focuses on the after effects of what choices you make instead of the obsession. Perhaps its my darker mind, but I do prefer the Misery style. 

Overall, I think I would give this book a 4/5. It wasn't perfect, but I did enjoy it, I really got invested in the characters and was hooked the whole way up till the end.

Have you read Finders Keepers? Or perhaps you've read some other Stephen King books? Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

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