Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Book Review - Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter

The world stops for you when you’re pretty. That’s why women spend billions on crap for their faces. Their whole life, they’re the center of attention. People want to be around them just because they’re attractive. Their jokes are funnier. Their lives are better.

Warning - This book has dark themes, depicting torture, rape and murder

Karin Slaughter is now one of my new favourite thriller writers. I had never heard of her before this book, and downloaded Pretty Girls on a whim when I had nothing else on my kindle - but I am so glad I bought it!

Pretty Girls follows two estranged sisters, Lydia and Claire Carroll. After the disappearance of their oldest sister Julia the two sisters followed different paths of grief, and after Lydia accuses Claire's boyfriend of attempting to rape her, the lose contact for over 20 years. Following Claire's husband's death the two sisters are thrown back together, on a path of discovery into who Claire's husband really was, and what happened to their sister so long ago.

It was a lot darker than I thought it would be, a lot darker than a lot of the crime thrillers I have read of late, but rather than put me off it made me enjoy the book even more. It sounds a bit odd, but the gore made a nice change. You know when men say they can feel it themselves when they see someone get kicked in the crotch? Some scenes were like that, but with shackles and saws. 

It only took me just over a day to finish this book, I was so engrossed in the story. Aside from the plot I think the characterisation of the two sisters was also done really well. You can see where they dramatically differ, and yet are both similar. Their reluctance to trust each other again after so long, but ultimately their bond as siblings is put above all else, it was written really well.

I did find that I could guess most of the story from the beginning, it lacked a twist which I think makes most thrillers so great, however I didn't find this impacted on my enjoyment overall. I would give this a 4.5/5 If you love crime thrillers, if you're not put off by gore - this book is for you!

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